We get it: You're tired of calls and emails about jobs you don't like from people you don't know. From now on, direct them to your agent and we'll handle it.

We’re combining this service with custom technology that helps you discover and connect to the right companies while minimizing noise.

Help us change the way the world finds work, for good.

  • "YourTalentAgents provided me with unparalleled job search support. They worked with me diligently for over a year, getting me many interviews and multiple job offers. They never pressured me to take a particular job and were always focused on my career and me personally. They ultimately found me my dream job and I couldn't be happier today. Thank you, guys!" - Patrick D. Cameron

    Patrick D. Cameron
  • "I'm so excited for the software that YTA is building! From the prototypes I saw at an Emerging Tech Event, it looks like a cool way for me to figure out what companies I might like working for. I don't know why someone hasn't thought of this before. I signed up for their beta and can't wait for it to go live!" - A Pittsburgh PHP Developer

    A Pittsburgh PHP Developer
  • "I like working with YTA because they are on my side and looking out for my best interests instead of just trying to place another person in any old job. They spend time to understand not only your skills but also what you want in a job beyond a paycheck. They provide an invaluable service by acting as your advocate and adviser. They truly act as your agent." - Tony Vinski

    Tony Vinski
  • "YTA has a personal touch that no normal recruiter has. My agent’s primary motivator is my happiness. They just want me to enjoy my job and be satisfied in my career. They want me to learn and grow. The best thing I did to make my YTA experience a great one was being honest with my agent and investing the time to improve my career and myself. You’ll become a better professional in addition to finding a better job." - Colin Dean

    Colin Dean
  • "I like the model of having a single point of contact between oneself and several recruiting agencies which is based on finding me a job as opposed to simply filling a position. I felt no pressure in turning down an interview opportunity I did not want or did not feel I was qualified [for]. Other recruiters I believe would have talked me into taking the interview/job or would not have given me a call back." - A Pittsburgh Java Engineer

    A Pittsburgh Java Engineer

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